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sponge foam material

  • Cellulose Sponge

    Cellulose Spongecellulose sponge Description :Cellulose sponges are made from 100% wood pulp, It is a pure natural harmless product. Green scrubber is made by polyester, nylon. Scouring pad for general purpose cleaning, and the small holes inside them help to absorb liquid and hold it inside the sponge. These...Read More

  • Polyurethane Foam

    Polyurethane Foam1,Polyurethane foam Normal foam Other Name: Conventional foam, Regular foam, Support foam, Base foam. Density: 1lb~3lb, 15kg/m3~50kg/m3 Uses: bedding, furniture, clothing, massage seats, car seats and other package materials, etc. Technical characteristics (1) Density: 19~21kg/m3 (2) Hardness:...Read More

  • Latex Foam

    Latex FoamLatex foam Description : Latex foam is pure natural product and collected from rubber trees which should be planted more than five years. One rubber tree can only collect 300g latex juice each time. Latex foam is foaming with physical methods, and its basic technology is composed of mixing,...Read More