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What Are The Related Presentation On Foam?
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Foam has come up in our lives we are no strangers to it, but does it know? So what are the related presentation on foam? Details are as follows:
Foam is made from polyether foam molding, foam bread. Available machinery foam can also be constructed with wooden surround foam, foam cotton like a square loaf, using the microtome after slicing procedure, cutting thickness according to different requirement, styrofoam can also adjust the Flex. Cotton 25~28kg/M3 are commonly used, other mining and 20~22kg/m3 density. Sponge is directly related to hardness and density, but are also related to different additive formulations, so industry-high elasticity, gray Ultra, black ash, and soft cotton. Product design should be used depending on the style, structure reasonable match, divided into upper, middle, three parts with different elasticity, low density foam. Sponge is called fire cotton material (flame retardant cotton), in fact, before the sea foam, add fire to the material, such as chlorine, bromine to sponge on fire produces fire smoke, play a role in flame retardant.