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Visco Memory Foam Mattresses
- Oct 27, 2017 -

It is a well-known fact that when we sleep, the surface we sleep on must support our body. Conventional mattresses are proved to support only head, shoulders, tail bone and heels. As a result these parts of our body are under enormous pressure during the whole night. This pressure causes backaches, scoliosis, blood pressure, headaches, insomnia and simply a bad mood in the morning. Fortunately, there appeared the visco memory foam mattresses that are a great success in the sleeping technology field.

A visco memory foam mattress got its name from visco-elastic material. It is also called memory foam. Memory foam is made from polyurethane with additional chemicals that raise its density.

A visco memory foam mattress was designed and manufactured for the benefits of the whole society. Still most people are quite sceptical as they don't have the necessary information. Moreover they are unwilling to spend a fortune on a mattress. But I am eager to say that a visco memory foam mattress was created to meet the needs of the 21century people. It brilliantly suits all the sleepers: those who sleep on the back, on the stomach, on the side back and even for the floor-sleepers. This type of mattress allows you to feel comfort and pleasure as it has body-contouring nature. As a result you sleep as if you plunged into something that makes all your organs to relax. Foam provides a support to every part of the body equally, which serves as a cure to the backaches, insomnia and other unpleasant diseases. A visco memory foam mattress is made of hypoallergenic material. Therefore it is the badly needed thing for those who experience allergic reactions. Even if you have an allergy to dust, you can forget about it as memory foam resists dust. That's why it is antimicrobial as well. Memory foam is temperature sensitive. Though low quality visco elastic memory foam does not breathe properly. It means that a mattress may become too hot, which brings annoyance and dissatisfaction to the owner. But on the contrary high quality mattresses have open cells, which contributes to the self-ventilating and breathability.

It goes without saying that there exists a great difference in visco foam quality. Cheap price does not mean a good quality and health. Underpriced foam has an abundance of harmful chemicals, heats up and doesn't provide necessary support and comfort to the body. What for do we need to buy such a mattress?

Before buying a visco mattress a consumer should be sure about the producer. Also find out the information about:

1. the density of visco: the higher the density - the better visco-elastic;

2. the resilience: the higher the resilience - the better foam's springiness;

3. the indentation load deflection (ILD): the higher the ILD - the firmer the mattress.

A visco memory foam mattress is becoming more and more popular. Thousands of doctors, physical therapists and researchers recommend memory foam for their patients. It really helps to overcome lots of health problems.