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Visco Elastic Foam
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Visco elastic foam is a material developed for bodily support during sleep. Its effectiveness is due to its unique ability to reduce pressure, provide comfortable support, and ease pain caused by prolonged stiffness. Most foam today can be found at furniture retailers, since it is used in mattress overlays, mattress pads, and pillows. Also known as NASA memory foam, visco elastic foam was first invented for space programs in the 1970s, in order to reduce pressure points experienced by astronauts. The G-forces generated during lift off caused uncomfortable sensations for astronauts in their flight chairs, and the foam was able to furnish this needed orthopedic support.

Years later, visco elastic foam was adapted by the medical field for hospital beds, resulting in better physical comfort for patients. It was then that the material was sold to the general public for use in homes, and became popular to the point that products made from it are utilized worldwide in households. One of the most recognized brands of these products is Tempur-Pedic. It has marketed its orthopedic bedding and accessories by claiming that it helps ease troubled sleep, numbness caused by poor circulation, and aligns the vertebrae, leading to better long-term posture and overall health.

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