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Spring Mattress, Latex Mattress And Foam Mattress Which Is Good?
- Dec 02, 2016 -

For the first time as the new home for consumers who purchase the mattress easily confused by TV, all kinds of advertising on the network, which brand of mattress good? LaTeX mattress is good? Or Spring mattress, foam mattress good? Mattress is bigger is better? Now, furniture for fans to see what answers to these questions with you.

Mattress affect relationships

First make sure that you and your partner have a large enough bed, can sleep two people try to stretch and comfort. If two people weighing, and she is quite different, the proposed selection of mattresses specially designed for two people, can reduce the shocks caused by companion travel activities, sleep without interruption.

People traveled more than 20 times on average per night, this means that the partner was removed can cause you may be 13% time in the waking state, 22% more time in light sleep, less 20% time in the third and fourth stages of sleep. Are the third and fourth stages of sleep to repair the body, improve your memory key stage. When two people on hard and soft mattresses when demand is not uniform, more economical method of compromise is, at the side of the mattress with the right pad.
 Bigger is better

In the bedroom area are subject to the maximum, bigger is better. People lay on free travel.

If two people sleep, mattress size is at least 1.5 meters x1.9 meters, double bed 1.8 m x X2 m has now become the standard configuration, a bed size should be 10 cm more than a person's height. Therefore, if space allows, don't be afraid to KING SIZE. If you decide to opt for a Queen-size bed, also taking into account the practical problems, such as mattress entered the building corridors and rooms. If space is tight, you can select the style with zipper in the Middle, splitting the mat, easy in and out.

In addition to buy mattress size better than the actual needs of the first, so that even if households within the next two or three years there is a new change, such as getting married or having children, do not have to purchase additional overhead that is incurred.