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How To Distinguish Adulteration Sponge With Plain Sponge
- Dec 02, 2016 -

1, see: sponge technique can be divided into two broad categories: foam and PU. Uneven doping fake sponge foam holes. Plain sponge hole small and uniform;
2, touch: plain sponge smooth smooth, doping fake spongy feel rough, very poor elasticity;
3, extrusion: appears to be the same thickness and hardness of sponge, doping fake once the sponge is squeezed is likely to sag, sit down for a long time not playing up; plain sponge support is strong, long difficult, extrusion deformation;
4, price: doping fake foam by adding stone dust, significantly reduce costs, low prices; pure polyurethane materials sponge than adulterated sponge, price is expensive;
5, life: adulterated sponge for adding powder, dig by hand, prone to slipping; plain sponge is durable;
6, adulteration of tensile strength of plain sponge and sponge compared: the appearance of the same sponge, pull the longer description better tensile strength;
7, adulterated and plain sponge sponge breaking strength compared: the appearance of the same sponge, plain sponge can load more forcefully.