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How To Choose The Right Foam Pillow?
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Without good sleep pillows, the right pillow can not only improve the quality of sleep, and improve shoulder and neck pain and other symptoms, but how do you pick a good pillow?
Pillow's role is to support the head, its coordination with the shoulder position, normal physiological curvature in the neck of the guarantor. Therefore, the pillow, the first thing to consider is the sleeping problems.
If you like lay sleeping, the height of the pillow should be their fist, somewhere near the neck area, filler soft; like people sleeping on your side, pillows should be slightly hard and high, pillow height is the height of a punch and a thickness of the Palm, to fill the gap between the ear and shoulder.
In addition to the height of the pillow and hardness, internal padding is also important. In General, common fillers on the market there are the following: General foam, memory foam, cotton and down comforters. In choosing to take the common sponge when density is the key, high density, less head caved in, can provide more support for the head; the material comfort of memory foam, is so named because can adapt to the physical postures. However, the memory foam will sometimes have "burnt face" feel cotton pillow is not only strong, also inhibits the reproduction of dust mites and mold, Allergy prevention, more suitable for the elderly and children; for people with poor sleep quality, and feather pillows are a good choice. It can provide sufficient support for neck and other parts, allow the head to feel very comfortable.
Need to be reminded of is that if used for too long the pillow, sleeping off the cell chip, not only hide the dust, mold, mold infested, weighs even half of the whole weight pillow. So, change the pillows every 12-18 months, maximum not more than two years.