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Foam Mattress Advantage And Disadvantage Analysis
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Foam mattress is one of the important discoveries in recent years for the mattress, foam mattresses and spring mattresses tied the modern mattresses, traditional sponge no special sensitivity to temperature, nor the shape curves full support foam mattresses have been improving in recent years. Today, decorated with small series to learn about foam mattress ...
Advantages of foam mattresses:
(1) foam material using the wider, General build upholstered furniture, such as sofa, mattress pad and seat cushion and backrest cushion, foam material with high elasticity, while strong, good elastic recovery. This sponge material received by consumers.
(2) foam mattresses comfort soft, snugly and body curves, adapt to changes in body weight, relieve back pressure on the human body. Foam mattress has a light, comfortable, soft features, creating more comfortable sleeping environment. This mattress also has good sound absorption slow shock absorbing effect, partner to turn frequently will not interfere with sleep.
(3) comfortable soft foam mattress compared to other comfort mattress, foam mattress of this material not only according to its own needs, choosing the right hardness of soft mattress, you can also upgrade human sleep quality, create high-quality sleep.
Disadvantages of foam mattresses:
(1) soft, sponge mattress, soft mattress, the body lying on the mattress, so it can not hold up to waist strength, resulting in lumbar muscles in a State of tension for a long time, overall are not relaxed, long-term use can also cause muscle health, damage the waist.
(2) poor permeability, sponge mattress, absorbent, these emissions from the body during sleep will continue to drain through the skin, poor ventilation of mattress, the resulting heat that cannot be discharged in a timely manner, is not conducive to health. Absorbent mattresses, mattresses can easily be contaminated.
(3) soft, foam mattress itself, some unscrupulous businesses deliberately added powder material, greatly reducing the cost of foam mattresses in price compared with the plain sponge on, there are obvious advantages, this foam mattress is not only shorter service life, harmful to human health.
Good foam mattress
Foam mattresses are one of the most widely used and most common type of mattress, mattress size for memory foam 150*180cm foam mattress price is about two thousand or three thousand.
First of all, to foam mattresses have a conceptual understanding, also known as foam mattress foam mattress, ordinary foam mattress is polyurethane foam materials, and secondly, we must distinguish between cotton and foam mattress memory, memory foam is a foam mattress, usually said of sponge mattresses we mean ordinary flexible foam mattress only.
Foam mattress with high elasticity and permeability, high ratio of compression load, some fire safety flame retardant cotton or cotton would have better fire resistance performance, their broad purposes, can be used as sofa, furniture foam accessories and so on. Foam mattresses with soft light, particularly suited to move the crowd.