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About Mattress Foam Mattress High Density Sponge, OK?
- Dec 02, 2016 -

With the accelerating pace of life, more and more people felt their sleep quality has dropped a lot. Subsequently bred on the market many health mattresses, magnetic mattress pads memory foam bed mattress with health care. A no resilience, than wooden beds and comfortable foam mattresses, which get consumers anxious to find solutions page. The advent of foam mattresses, on the concern of many consumers. But who are afraid to be the first person to eat crabs, this foam mattress, please?
1. first of all, to foam mattresses have a conceptual understanding, also known as foam mattress foam mattress, ordinary foam mattress is polyurethane foam materials, and secondly, we must distinguish between cotton and foam mattress memory, memory foam is a foam mattress, usually said of sponge mattresses we mean ordinary flexible foam mattress only.
2. foam mattress good or bad? Foam mattress with high elasticity and permeability, high ratio of compression load, some fire safety flame retardant cotton or cotton would have better fire resistance performance, their broad purposes, can be used as sofa, furniture foam accessories and so on. Foam mattresses with soft light, particularly suited to move the crowd.
3. high density foam mattress, please? High density mattress foam mattress compared with the General, high density foam mattress hardness better than some, people lie on the high density foam mattress more comfortable without feeling tired. Characteristics of high density mattress foam mattress, it is excellent in flexibility.
4. next, high density foam mattress even more than ordinary foam mattress to your body instead of his compare mattresses, light and convenient, and mute effect is good, even if it is turning over will not disturb all night to the next partner.
5. advantages to the back is that it has shortcomings, high density foam mattresses, not the kind we usually imagine a heavy mattress, but its ventilation effect is not good, people sleep in metabolic wastes from the discharge, water vapor will continue through your skin, mattress tight, these wastes are not disseminated in a timely manner, is not conducive to health. There is high density foam mattress high manufacturing cost, foam mattresses on the market easier by unscrupulous merchants mixing powder, to increase the density of the mattress.