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You memory foam mattress memory foam mattress has any drawbacks
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Many consumers buying mattresses like memory foam mattress, memory foam mattress has a higher degree of comfort can help sleep. Memory foam mattress, please? Memory foam mattresses have any weaknesses? You may not know. Below with small make up look.
One, a memory foam mattress Guide
Is memory foam mattress memory foam as a material made of a mattress, the material is also known as slow recovery elastic materials in space, is now sleeping in the bedding industry very popular kind of mattress materials. Characterized by extract, slow, temperature, breathable, anti-bacteria and mite-proof characteristics and prolong deep sleep and improve sleep quality.
Advantage II, memory foam mattress
1, the viscosity of the memory foam is an open cell material, is extremely sensitive to temperature, so produced the memory foam mattress also has this feature, after technical processing, memory foam mattress is also different according to the various parts of the body temperature to provide the right hardness, so that people get a better relaxing.
2, memory foam mattresses can absorb and break down the body's pressure, and generally just have a reaction to the human body, the spine and the joints will squeeze by the mattress, make people feel pain and paralysis, while the memory foam mattress is no reaction, making blood flow, sleeping comfort.
3, when the compression when the sinking, no strong rebound, but when the pressure is removed slowly back, good body and pressure equalization of the contact point spread a mattress, sleep more comfortable.
Three disadvantages, memory foam mattress
1, storage of memory foam mattress is too powerful, the heat will be absorbed and stored in the mattress, because of the high density, so the heat can also be slow, so in the summer, the temperature rise of the memory foam mattress, such as no room air-conditioners, temporary suspension of the best memory foam mattress.
2, memory foam mattress has reduced in winter, because of low winter temperatures, thermal expansion and contraction occurs, memory foam mattress will harden when the temperature drops.
3, substances contained in memory foam mattresses are chemical composition, easy to allergy.
Four considerations, buying memory foam mattresses
1, high quality memory foam material should be safe, odorless, no harm to human body. If you have a strong odor, and may be added to harmful chemicals.
2, the brand is very important, consumers must buy a certain reputation and passed authorized organization test attestation of the memory foam mattress.
3, must know how to identify and buy genuine memory foam mattress, to improve sleep effects, is filled with many counterfeit products on the market, using the common sponge add various chemicals as raw material processing synthetic mattress, due to the limited perception of the human body, may not be able to detect, can cause harm to humans.