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The difference between ordinary foam mattresses and memory foam mattress
- Dec 02, 2016 -

General the difference some say foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses mattresses and shoes are the two things most worth investing in a person's life, because it is about our health and mood.
Ordinary foam mattress is polyurethane foam materials, has high elasticity and permeability, high ratio of compression load, some fire-resistant flame retardant cotton or cotton also has better resistance to ignition of the thermal aging, as well as better wet aging and fatigue of, select use extremely broad scope, mainly used for foam mattresses, sofa foam, foam furniture accessories and so on. Foam mattress foam mattress, it's flexible and portable light, particularly suited to move the crowd. Disadvantages are easily deformed, repeatedly pressed on selection tests, not easy to sink, and rebound quickly foam mattress is the best.
Memory foam also known as memory foam, space cotton, it has good protection, and good shock absorption and temperature, density, hardness and rebound can be adjusted as required. Slow back play sponge mattress, memory cotton mattress can ease human fatigue, soft comfortable, can promote people fast into sleep, can effective put human pressure resolve for zero, offset anti-power, for you provides most average, and real of support, makes body long time contact of parts in no pressure state, not hinder blood cycle and the easily produced fatigue and sore, thus reduced sleep not necessary of turn times. Insomnia easy on and easy stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, pregnant women are particularly suitable, it is constructed from high density polyurethane, can well close to the body, to reduce physical stress. Of temperature-sensitive memory foam will be adjusted according to temperature. People with neck and lumbar spine problems, you can choose the mattress can lead to stress-free support.