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New trends in memory foam mattress sleep!
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Mattresses are the most frequent contact with the body, and is also the oldest furniture, its importance is obvious. At the earliest, mattresses usually used reeds, hay, wool and feathers filled, then, with the improvement of productivity and the pursuit of comfortable sleep, mattresses are also constantly upgrading.
Spring comfort decided by spring
Spring mattress is the most topical groups, its structure includes Springs, felt mat, mat, foam and textile fabric bed table. Advantages of spring mattresses are durable, strong support and high permeability, but weakness was also evident, that it will make the neck and lower back strains, long-term use would be detrimental to health.
Natural latex mattress with rubber from rubber trees collected juice as raw material
Very time consuming and precious materials
Natural latex mattress was as "nature of gift", its from rubber, can distributed out light of milk fragrance, soft comfortable, and breathable good, but LaTeX mattress cannot from essentially block oxidation process, especially contact UV Shi, oxidation process faster, this on means with it best don't washing don't Sun, and due to natural latex mattress cost high, now market Shang compared more appeared of is derived from oil of synthesis LaTeX mattress, this species mattress regardless of is elastic also is breathable sex are poor.
Palm after the mattress moisture susceptible insects
Palmetto mattress made of Palm fiber prepared and, when used in a natural Palm odor, texture hard, soft or slightly hard. This mattress is relatively low, are environmentally friendly, but poor durability, easily collapse deformation, supporting performance is bad, improper maintenance or cause, such as insects or mildew.
Memory foam mattress
Compared with the previous several mattresses, memory foam mattress mattress be regarded as "new", which originated in United States Space Agency in order to avoid the astronaut into space and return to Earth due to changes in atmospheric pressure as a result of impact damage, developed by absorbing external shock pressure generated when special materials.
Memory foam mattress has a slow rebound properties
Advantages of memory foam mattresses are plenty: excellent support, a sense of its own temperature and low elastic buffer, vacuum pressure, stand up without interference, antibacterial mold proofing, the memory location, secure and protect the body, have decided it is better to provide safe and healthy and comfortable sleep.
Every advantage has its disadvantage, memory foam in temperature but also has the characteristic of the heat, so when the air temperature is high, it's very soft and very hot to the touch, and when the temperature dropped below 15 ℃, it began to harden, as when the temperature is as low as 5 degrees Celsius, it is lost the efficacy of memory foam is like a stone.