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Most mattress knowledge here!
- Dec 02, 2016 -

One-third of life is spent in sleep, measuring whether people have "healthy sleep" four symbols are: full of sleep, time enough, good quality and high efficiency. Sleep easy without interruption, deep sleep, and wake up tired all these are closely and the quality of the mattress.

A set of data shows that most people sleep at night about turning over 40~60 times, which is particularly great to turn around a couple of times, if the width of the mattress or soft hardness ergonomic enough, you are prone to sleep in the "soft" injuries.
 Next to introduce several popular mattresses on the market:

No1 Spring mattress
 Spring is the most popular mattresses on the market today, its structure includes Springs, felt mat, mat, foam and textile fabric bed table. Family in the mattress, Spring mattress is the oldest, the production process the most skillful. Itself has a good elasticity and impact resistance.

Advantages: pest control mildew + uniform load

Biggest advantage of spring mattresses, spring tube or a separate bag, after after due process, can effectively prevent mildew or insects, and avoid the spring due to rubbing and shaking, making the noise. And designed according to ergonomic principles of three-partitioned independence spring design, can even support each part of the body, keep the spine naturally straight, the muscles fully relaxed, thereby reducing the number of people turning in their sleep, and more likely to reach deep sleep.

Disadvantages: easy to make stiff neck and shoulder and lower back pain + glues and material contamination

No2 LaTeX mattress
 Natural latex mattresses as the "gift of nature", which derived from the rubber tree, made from rubber tree SAP, is a pure natural materials, emitting a faint aroma of milk.


Natural environment protection, safe: LaTeX is a natural material, 100% of natural latex has a mild features comfortable and natural, no pungent smell of plastic, does not produce toxic gases when heated. LaTeX derived from natural plants, 4-6 months after several years of sun exposure, can automatically decompose returning to nature, in full compliance with international environmental standards and rules.

Elasticity is good: natural latex foam is made with porous structure, at any time within the bubble is filled with air, excellent elasticity and the density of different models for different groups, and General density distribution between 40-45, 60-70 is the most moderate hardness, density, and can choose between density of 70-85 like hard beds.

Breathable, hygienic, heat: the porousness of latex mattresses and mattress there are numerous small holes so that air can freely flow permeability leading to keep mattresses dry, cool, and therefore inhibit bacteria, fungi, mold and dust mite growth of antibacterial properties, especially in summer, this feature more obvious practical use more health care. And their permeability during sleep help disseminate the body's heat and humidity, keeping the body fresh, so as to improve the quality of sleep.

Support good performance, stress distribution: latex mattresses and greater contact area than other mattresses of the human body, formed by millions of bubbles, can spread body weight tolerance, so it can disperse body pressure, especially the neck, waist and hips, so you can achieve the correct shuizi bad results.
 No3 foam mattress
 Foam mattress, also known as foam mattress, which is the main material is made of foam mattresses. Of course foam mattresses use foam is very rich, currently on the market there are three most common foam mattress: polyurethane foam mattress memory foam mattresses, high-elastic foam mattresses. The greatest difference lies in different comfort foam mattress to meet consumers ' demand for mattresses.

Advantages: good thermal absorption body weight + + support

Foam mattress is the biggest feature is that with temperature characteristics, simply when foam mattresses feel temperature, softening the particles on its surface, average distribution of pressure area gradually, thus eliminating the pressure from the body to the mattress so that blood circulation is not affected by oppression.

Its greatest feature is the ability to absorb the weight of human body, people lay on it it feels like floating in the air, excellent elastic recovery.

High-elastic foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses use foam, are all plants produce bubble, the biggest advantage is having good flexibility, and support is also very good.

Market common are polyurethane foam mattress or memory foam mattress, mattress is popular in recent years, belongs to the slow recovery elastic mattress.

Advantages of memory foam mattresses

Low elasticity, excellent support: low stretch a finger, the body lay up, pillows and mattresses not rebound immediately, and can be fixed in one place, and remembering the body s-curve of the spine docile superior mattress for back support, lying last allows people to quickly relieve fatigue, relax muscle tension. When the pressure is released and will gradually recover.

Own temperature: change Flex memory foam with temperature change, the body lay on the memory pad, mattress free induction human body temperature but remember the unique shape and foil forming the object, reducing the number of roll over and wake up in the middle.