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Method of selection of memory foam mattress?
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Want to buy high quality memory foam mattress, not only to choose the high visibility and good reputation of the brand also depends on whether the certification and inspection of relevant institutions, if you buy fake cheap memory foam mattresses is not worth it. Rebound time and density is a measure of the basic indicators of the quality of memory foam. High quality memory foam the rebound between the time of 3-5 seconds, with high density, so as to provide adequate support and unzip. In addition, high quality memory foam should not have any smell, or you may be using inferior or alternative raw materials. Memory foam products are filling, cut, molded three processing technology, mold processed products with high density, the surface is smooth, durable performance, is by far the best processing technology. Two other simple, low cost, but quality is poor. Quality of raw materials and processing technology determines the life of memory foam mattresses. Products using inferior materials and simple process can only use 1-2 and use normal sponge made of fake "memory foam mattress" likely variant, harden will in a few months. High quality memory foam mattresses should be used more than 5 years. Personally to the store to try, is a key step select memory foam mattress. Affecting the quality of mattress material density, elastic time, processing technology, you can see and touch to get some degree of identification. OK OK, see how weight; by pressing a button, see how resilience; touch to touch, smooth surface; smell any odor; lay down, look comfortable next to the skin. Appropriate density, weight, elasticity, smooth surface, according to a dough-like feel, softer docile when exposed to body temperature, which is the best memory foam. More home improvement questions you can go to the online network about Wuhan decoration.