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How to choose the right mattress
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Mattress was very important, traditional mattresses that are either too hard or too soft, a lot of people will feel very uncomfortable to sleep, heard a lot of bed and mattress excellent people complain, get up in the morning feeling each joint pain and mattress too soft or too soft man will say some parts of the body too hard support will hurt, but also stiff neck. For these situations there's a memory mattress, it is for us to solve the various problems with the mattress, next we will see how von Neumann memory mattress and how to choose the right mattress.
How to choose the right mattress?
1, under the mattress soft or hard
The hardness of the mattress is in line with the health needs of the spine of the most basic factors. How only called soft hardness moderate does? most simple of measurement method is: flat lying in mattress Shang, hand to neck, and waist and hip Xia to thigh of home this three at compared obviously bent of place to inside horizontally, see have gap, then again turned a body, with also of method try a try body curve SAG parts and mattress Zhijian have clearance, if no, on proved this Zhang mattress and people in sleep of when neck, and back, and waist, and hip and leg of natural curve is compared apt anastomosis of, such of mattress on can said is soft hardness moderate.
2, according to the age requirement
When we select the mattress, is chosen according to the different circumstances of their body, there is no spinal cord disease, age, sleep and partner needs to make better choices. Child care, children are in a stage of the body, just needs a little on the hard side of the mattress to shape body shape and spine in the elderly poor, osteoporosis, to select too hard mattress to better protect the spine. If adults with spinal patients need to choose slightly hard mattress, if not, then you can choose according to their needs some more soft mattress, it will be more comfortable means.