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Difference between LaTeX and memory foam
- Dec 02, 2016 -

When buying a mattress and pillow, and there are two new types of materials are a primary concern, they are memory foam and natural latex. Both pillow and mattress materials there are many similar things, for example, are high-end products, the price is more expensive; for example, they have a lot of advantages. What are the features memory foam and natural latex? we have to introduce them.
Introduction to LaTeX and memory foam features
Natural latex has also disperse body pressure effects, so it can promote sleep, pain-relieving effect. However this effect is weaker than memory foam. But the breathability of natural latex is very good, sleeping warm in winter and cool in summer, which happens to be the disadvantage of memory foam. Other advantages include natural latex comfort high, long service life, allergy etc.
Memory foam is a synthetic material, from the United States Space Agency, was used to reduce the physical pressure on astronauts in flight. Memory foam is mainly made of polyurethane. Natural latex from the rubber tree SAP, is a natural eco-friendly materials.
Memory foam is a heat-sensitive material, in the presence of temperature and pressure of the body, will form the contours of the body shape. This can spread body weight, reduce physical stress; so as to promote sleep, the role of protecting the spine, relieve body aches. Disadvantages of memory foam is the product smell. It also has thermal insulation capacity, are likely to feel more heat. On the price, similar to memory foam and LaTeX materials products. But are higher than the other materials of the products.
LaTeX and memory foam options
If it is for the purpose of care of the spine, relieve body aches, select memory foam material as well. If you prefer natural materials, heat or sleep, or allergic to chemicals, you can choose the material of natural latex.
In short, by comparing the properties of memory foam and natural latex materials. Memory foam sleep, the role of protecting the spine, relieve body aches. Natural latex material, permeability, high comfort and long life, non-allergenic characteristics. Choose the former, you can it yourself and compare these two materials, which will help find the most suitable material.