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Create a comfortable sleep foam mattress buying tips
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Editor's Note: now appearing on the market with memory mattress is a focus of many households, selected, and memory mattress, as a kind of foam mattresses, their choice what standard? small make up with you today into the foam mattress world, let us learn how to select a quality foam mattress.
Foam mattress to buy standard--technology
Need to see first when selecting a foam mattress mattress technology, because mattress technology is an important factor affecting the foam mattress prices, foam mattress production process can be divided into two categories, the following is specific to you.
Cheap foam mattresses on the market, the General production process is: cut. This production is the whole piece of foam cut and cutting, makes the uneven distribution of foam density and human body well.
More expensive foam mattresses on the market, the General production process is: molds for injection molding. This card is made with molds, through ways such as foam, vacuum formed. Due to the manufacturing process is more complex, and their prices are generally more expensive.
Density of foam mattress purchase standards--
The density of the foam mattress and also an indicator of the quality of the mattress, in General, high quality foam mattress high density mattress must be. Foam and foam mattress mattress density when formulas, raw materials, and is directly related to technology, so when buying foam mattresses should be selected when high density mattress, heavy weight.
Foam mattress to buy standard--the rebound effect
Foam mattresses due to their material properties, with very good rebound effect, human body upon it, due to the rebound effect, and doesn't make people feel under pressure to the mattress, to get a good night's sleep experience.
For the rebound effect, and rebounding is an important standard, foam mattress spring-back in 3-5s the most appropriate time, time is short, doesn't slow rebound effect, and takes too long to rebound, play does not fit to the body, supporting the body's role.
Foam mattress buying criteria--temperature
Temperature, and be aware of when buying foam mattresses, high quality foam mattress, the mattress surface temperature sensors are very sensitive and will change as the temperature changes, such as temperature rises, the mattresses will soften the surface temperature lower mattress will harden on the surface.
Which prompts households when buying foam mattresses need to test, put your hand on the mattress surface, without the backlog of cases, high quality foam mattress fingerprint traces will appear, and mattresses are not inferior.
Small series of summary: the above is a small addendum to the foam mattress for you to purchase standard, I hope when you purchase a foam mattress, can also process, density, rebound effects, and temperature four aspects into account.