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memory foam and polyurethane foam products for bedding industry

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Shanghai YueXia Industrial Co.,Ltd has production area 12000 square meter,. Production Equipments: foam making machine; foam cutting machines including angle cutting machines and special shape cutting machines; quilting machines; cover sewing machines; compressing packing machines. Annual output: Mattresses Product 30000 pcs, other foam products Products 80000sets. make our factory more competitive among the Mattress supplies.

Factory Tours

YueXia memory foam mattress factory

YueXia memory foam pillow factory

YueXia Spring Mattress factory

memory foam cushion factory

memory foam cushion factory

memory foam factory

memory foam factory

Production Equipments

memory foam mattress topper machine.jpg

memory foam mattress topper machine

mattress protector machine.jpg

mattress protector machine

folding mattress machine.jpg

folding mattress machine

crib mattress machine.jpg

crib mattress machine


memory foam bath mat package.jpg

memory foam bath mat package

memory foam dog bed package.jpg

memory foam dog bed package

mattress covers package.jpg

mattress covers package

memory foam prayer mat package.jpg

memory foam prayer mat package

Polyurethane Foam Material Warehouse

cellulose sponge material warehouse.jpg

cellulose sponge material warehouse

crib mattress protectors material warehouse.jpg

crib mattress protectors material warehouse

foam roller and training roller material warehouse.jpg

foam roller and training roller material warehouse

latex foam material warehouse.jpg

latex foam material warehouse

latex foam mattress material warehouse.jpg

latex foam mattress material warehouse

polyurethane foam material warehouse.jpg

polyurethane foam material warehouse